In July 2023, BulkTEK went on a three-day trip to Panan.

BulkTEK organized a three-day trip to Panan in July 2023. Take a break from your work and experienced the charm of nature up close

First stop: Ling Jiang Yuan Forest Park
With a steady drizzle and gurgling streams, the dense forest park has created a unique landscape of natural “peaks, walls, valleys and waterfalls”.

Climbed the winding steps to the top and experienced the longest cantilevered glass-bottomed skywalk, took in spectacular views of nature’s beauty.
Second stop: Dapanshan Museum, Huaxi Scenic Area


Dapanshan Museum
The exhibition content of Dapanshan Museum combines “culture, geology, and traditional Chinese medicinal materials” in one, with Dapanshan wildand authentic traditional Chinese medicinal planting resources as the core theme, highlighting the regional characteristics of Panan.

We visited the Dapanshan Museum together and fully understood and learned about the features of geology and geomorphology, historical and cultural deposits, and natural resource characteristics of Panan.

Huaxi Scenic Area
The Huaxi Scenic Area, the beauty of nature, the whole bottom of the creek is as flat as chipped, we walked barefoot on the flat stream, let nature gently massage the soles of the feet, like a dream, as if the clouds and mist, into the fairyland.


Third stop: Baizhangtan Scenic Area
The scenic area is famous for its mountain dangers, unique stones, clear waters, deep caves, and winding streams, among which the Baizhang Triassic falls is a rare glacial mill waterfall in China, known as the “the first waterfall in Jiangnan”.

We marvelled at the grandeur of the stream and played in the landscape while admiring it.

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